Monday, June 13, 2011

To Balance Budgets, Racist Red States Shouldn't Get Federal Dollars

In an action that revealed the magnitude of its deep-seated racist hate and anti-American radicalism, Alabama Thursday became the latest Red State to enact a sweeping white supremacy law subjugating persons of color. Going far beyond even Arizona's infamous white supremacy laws, first-term Republican Governor Robert Bentley signed into law the draconian measure set to take effect September 1.

The state that conspired to bludgeon and bomb the Freedom Riders has done Bull Connor proud.

In addition to requiring law enforcement officers to demand citizenship documents from anyone they deem might not be citizens, the Alabama law:
  • Prohibits schools from accepting students who cannot provide birth certificates or other citizenship documents, including asylum-seekers and refugees.
  • Prohibits anyone from transporting, harboring, or renting property to someone who might lack approved citizenship documents.
  • Presumes that any person not in possession of approved citizenship documents or a driver license is an illegal immigrant.
  • Voids any employment contracts with undocumented aliens, encouraging employers to hire such persons for the purposes of exploitation.
All persons of color are subject to constant harassment, detention and arrest based on the color of their skin in an unvarnished effort to drive all non-whites from the state. Even the US citizen children of undocumented aliens would be subject to arrest for "transporting" or "harboring" their parents. Churches will be violated for "harboring" asylum seekers.

Clearly, no whites will ever be required to show documentation proving citizenship. Throughout the Red States, "American," is considered to be a synonym for "white." Thus, among the neo-Confederates, white separatists and evangelical supremacists that comprise the core of the Republican constituency in such states as Alabama, German neo-Nazi skinheads, Russian mobsters, and IRA terrorists on the lam from Scotland Yard are all considered to be "American", while Asian-American merchants, Latino business owners and President Barack Obama are illegal immigrants. To the white supremacists, what makes a person, immigrant or not, "illegal" is skin color.

"There will be no profiling," taunted State Rep.Mickey Hammon (R-Decatur), who co-sponsored the measure with fellow de facto white separatist champion State Sen. Scott Beason (R-Gardendale), glossing over exactly how law enforcement officers would apply their racist detentions. "We welcome legal immigrants with open arms."

Hammon did not specify what caliber or types of arms would be employed in welcoming immigrants.

In enacting its white supremacy law, Alabama continued to flaunt its unmitigated disdain for the federal authority that props up its institutions and its people. Despite continuous railing by its Republican politicians against government spending, Alabama continuously receives more federal dollars from Washington than it collects in taxes. For every dollar in federal taxes Alabama raises, it receives $1.67 from federal coffers.

If Republicans really wanted to balance the federal budget, they should just cut off states like Alabama.

Alabama joins other fellow debtor states Utah, Georgia, Indiana, and Arizona in enacting white supremacy laws. Utah receives $1.07 for every dollar it raises, Georgia $1.02, and Indiana $1.05. Arizona gets $1.19.

Arizona is the stronghold of such white race icons as mass-shooter Jared Loughner, who shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and murdered Judge John Roll, and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Utah's enacted its white supremacy law despite having a population that's already 89% white.

Alabama's population is 68% white, 26% black, and 4% Latino.

"We have a real problem with illegal immigration in this country," claimed Bentley, a Southern Baptist Deacon. "I campaigned for the toughest immigration laws, and I'm proud of the Legislature for working tirelessly to create the strongest immigration bill in the country."

"Illegal immigrants have become a drain on our state resources and a strain on our tax-paying, law-abiding citizens," said Alabama Republican Party chair Bill Armistead.

Armistead did not address the drain the state of Alabama is on the diverse law-abiding taxpayers of California and New York, who have to prop Alabama up. For every dollar in federal taxes Californians pay, their state receives just 78 cents back from Washington. New Yorkers get only 79 cents. The balance goes to Red States like Alabama that incessantly deride their sponsoring states and those states' taxpayers.

Despite their dependence on California dollars, folks in Alabama and other Red States are quick to taunt California any time there's any sort of disaster. Whenever there are wildfires or earthquakes in California, Red State evangelical supremacists quickly declare that God is punishing California for championing liberal positions or supporting the LGBTG community.

God, however, apparently was not punishing Alabama when the northern half of the state, including Bentley's home town of Tuscaloosa, was wiped out by an unprecedented series of tornadoes this spring. After all, Alabama will be rebuilt with generous blessings of California and New York tax dollars, many of which were paid by the Latinos, Asians and other subhuman mongrel races Alabama's superior whites disdain.

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