Monday, April 4, 2011

Right-Wing Ryan and the GOP to Eliminate Medicare and Cut Taxes for the Rich

The GOP is eliminating Medicare, and, to make up for this, they're giving the ultra-rich another enormous tax cut.

Every time a Republican opens his mouth, the offending orifice spews the same bile Republicans have been heaving for thirty years: More tax giveaways for the rich, more service cuts for everyone else. Brandishing with naked arrogance their utter disdain for the American people, the GOP announced they will eliminate Medicare, the vital health care plan for all older and disabled Americans.

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin - the state which gave you Joe McCarthy and today's union-busting and state asset giveaway to the rich - will this week unveil how fevered is the GOP's 2012 turgid lust for destroying America. Unsated by hacking billions of dollars from vital services from the 2011 budget, the GOP is demanding trillions in cuts for 2012 and beyond. And, people say Mayan astrologers were wrong about the world ending in 2012.

Ryan and his GOP cadre hope this most draconian bludgeoning of America will curry the favor of their plutocrat masters. Cutting mere billions to cripple services for the elderly, poor, children, and women, to hobble oversight of business, finance, and industry so their overlords can run amok, to destroy environmental protections and disaster preparedness hasn't been enough to please these Republican vassals' overlords. The GOP will now cut trillions to completely eliminate government altogether.

The centerpiece of this final attack on America is the elimination of Medicare. Ryan and his racketeers will disband Medicare, and force seniors to buy astronomically expensive private insurance with their own money and a handful of worthless discount vouchers Ryan and company might deign to so generously supply.

When they turn 65, everyone under age 55 right now will not get the Medicare health plan Americans have relied on for generations.  They will only get a discount coupon for a few bucks off whatever for-profit insurance companies will be charging for health insurance when they reach retirement age.  Those private plans are beyond the reach of most Americans as it is, let alone years from now when they'll be logarithmically more expensive, especially for the elderly who suffer from any number of pre-existing conditions.

"20% off a second heart surgery with the purchase of a heart surgery of equal or greater value at regular price!" will say the coupon featuring Paul Ryan's smiling mug. Anyone who believes any of Ryan's coupons will be worth any more has rocks in his head.

Of course, Ryan is a Republican, so he can't open his mouth without giving more tax breaks for the ultra-rich, so the budget will cut the top income tax rate from the 35% pittance it is now to 25%. And that goes for corporations too.

Not that the corporations would be impressed with this fawning attempt at toadying, as they don't pay taxes anyway, and, in many cases, get big subsidies to boot.

Rep. Ryan has opened his mouth, and out has spewed more tax giveaways for the ultra-rich, and the biggest service cut in American history. Unless you're one of their handful of ultra-wealthy international jet-setting plutocrats, Americans will no longer receive health care after age 65. You will not get to see a doctor if you're sick, or get into a hospital if you need surgery.  Rep. Ryan and his GOP thugs, vying to curry the favor of their plutocrat overlords, would rather see you suffer horrible pain and agony and die a miserable death, would rather see your loved ones torn with anguish and torment and perhaps drain their meager savings to ease your suffering, than disappoint their billionaire overlords' lust for more and more and more money that rightfully belongs to you.

Ryan and the Republicans want to perpetrate the largest medical genocide in history by cutting off every Americans' health care access at age 65.  Their plutocrat overlords see no reason why anybody over 65 should continue to live if his death might put a copper or two into the plutocrat hoard. The top 20% of Americans already own 84% of all the wealth in the nation, while the bottom 40% split an infinitesimal three-tenths of one percent. Nonetheless, the plutocrat overlords covet that sliver of a penny, and want you dead so they can have it.

Rep. Paul Ryan is swinging his bloody broadsword to hack you down. He lusts to be the one to bestow his overlords with that sliver of a penny.

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