Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Republicans Really Are Experts On Debt: RNC $19.8 Million in the Red

Talk about a red state.

On Capitol Hill and in state houses around the nation, the continuous Republican harangue this year has been about debt, debt, debt. Oh, the evil Democrats have run up this huge Obama debt, funding Obamacare and Obamadventures and its all a great big Obama Nation. If only Republicans ran things there would never, ever, pever, jever be any sort of debt. Never mind that Saint George W. Bush and the Republicans started two wars they ran off the books, gave away billions in tax cuts to the wealthy, lavished gratuitous subsidies on oil moguls, and ran the global economy into the ground.

Republicans talk so much about debt they hardly have time to say their favorite lines, "More tax cuts for the rich," and "Slash services for everyone else."

After slashing a mind-numbing $39 billion from the 2011 budget, Tea Party demagogue Rand Paul (R-KY) is threatening to filibuster the agreement.  Hey, Rand, it's an agreement, comprende? Like, your Party agreed with the sane people to keep the government going, OK? So you think cutting $504 million in food aid for women and infants, $600 million to community health centers, $786 million for FEMA first responders, $390 million for heating homes, and $415 million for cops and firefighters isn't enough. You're disappointed they only cut $1.6 billion from the EPA, so your precious coal and sludge plutocrats might still occasionally have to dump their toxic waste into kids' playgrounds at night, instead of during the morning rush hour as you had wanted. Well, Rand, seeing how for every $1 the great state of Kentucky raises in federal taxes, it gets $1.51 from the federal government, why don't we start balancing the budget by you refusing to take a third of the money going to Kentucky?

Better yet, why don't we start by balancing the books over at the Republican National Committee?

Even with the plutocrats kicking in $3.4 million since New Year's, the RNC is $19.8 million in the hole. Even though the RNC hooked people in for $15.7 million so far this year, the RNC is still almost $20 million in debt. In hock. Under water. Talk about a red state.

Of course, Republicans can blame former RNC head Micheal Steele. Republicans like to blame Steele for all sorts of things. The fact that he's black has absolutely nothing to do with it, of course. Funny how Steele never gets credit for the GOP showing in the last election. Republicans probably feel they could have done better had Steele not held them back so much.

But about that $19.8 million in the red, under water, in hock, in the hole, owing to Guido and the Boys. It's a good thing Republicans are so good at dealing with debt and balancing budgets and spending responsibly. It's a good thing Republicans are expert at cutting spending and lowering taxes.  Republicans should use proven Republican practices to balance the books over at the RNC. First, cut the staff, and the communications and the phone budgets. Cut the consultants and pollsters and spinmeisters. Cut the transportation and advertising. Cut the office space, and the office workers. Fire everybody and hire a phone bank in India.

And, most importantly, stop the fund raising. People know how to spend their money better than the RNC. It is, after all, a committee, which is a bureaucracy, and everyone hates bureaucracies. Stop taking money out of the hands of the American people.  As soon as Republicans stop fund raising, that $19.8 million debt, IOU, pawn ticket will be erased by growth, prosperity, and roads and paths and glories and sunrises.

Before Republicans mess with the federal government, let's see the GOP apply all that supply side, trickle-down, Ayn Randian sci-fi to the RNC budget.  Let's see Republicans give back the $3.4 million they got from their most well-healed contributors. Let's see Republicans combine all their offices and staffs and lay everyone off and use that Indian call center to get out the vote.  Let's see Republicans get their Party's fiscal house in order before they trash the nation's house.

The RNC is $19.8 million in debt. Considering how Saint George W. Bush and the Republicans ran this country off a cliff and straight into the ground without passing "Go" and definitely without collecting $200 or any dollars from any of the richest, most privileged untaxed plutocrats in history, the RNC's deficit certainly comes as no surprise whatsoever.


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