Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GOP Brass Backs Off Birtherism, But Rank and File's Belief Persists

Another day, and another GOP leader distanced himself from the rank-and-file Republicans' embarrassingly troglodyte Birther Cult. Two, actually. Republican National Committee chair Reince Prebus distanced himself from birther standard bearer "The" Donald Trump, and former Senator Rick Santorum pronounced the President had the same birth documents he did.

Prebus told the Christian Science Monitor Trump could talk about President Barack Obama's birth status all he wanted, "But my position is that the President was born in the United States, and I don't think it is an issue that moves voters."

Another day, and another very nice non-denial denial. Two, actually. While Prebus and Santorum sound like they made a couple of the most emphatic birther-denial statements yet, their words left enough wriggle room for Birthers to see the wink and the nudge in them. Prebus said his "position" was that Obama was "born" in America, and anyone can tell the difference between what's important and what you tell the cops. Santorum only said the President had the same "documents" as he had, just like you can get at any waterfront dive from some guy in a grubby trench coat.

This goes along nicely with the whole "I'll take him at his word" dodge the GOP has been using.

Still, the GOP pols don't want to look too stupid in front of people with full sets of chromosomes. Lately, even self-styled Presidential candidate and bad hair icon Trump, who started the latest round of Birthers of a Nation, has tried distancing himself from the Birther Cult when addressing a wider audience. The real estate tycoon, who got his start with inherited millions, got his famous dander up on CNN Thursday when Ali Velshi, another of those swarthy types, hammered him on the topic.

"You've got to stop asking me about a birth certificate," The Donald whined. Apparently, only The Donald is allowed to ask about birth certificates whenever The Donald is around. Trump complained that George Stephanopoulous had hammered him on Good Morning America earlier. "Every time I go on a show...the first thing you ask me is about the birth certificate."

Even Michele Bachmann backed off when said Stephanopoulous showed her a notarized copy of Obama's birth certificate. "That should settle it," Bachmann said, insinuating it wouldn't. "I take the President at his word."

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Republicans won't come out and say the President is an American because racists and white separatists are a substantial constituency in the Republican Party, and the Birther Cult is important glue holding together a gang that's trying to abolish Medicare and privatize Social Security. The GOP desperately needs votes from Neo-Confederates, white militias, Aryan brothers and other denizens of the Southern Poverty Law Center's hatewatch pages. Most of the haters would desperately need Medicare and Social Security to survive their declining years. Fortunately for the GOP, 45% of Republicans are sycophants of the Birther Cult, so when the party hands all their Medicare money to insurers and pawns them off with coupons that won't cover a third of their health care costs, they'll at least get a racist solidarity wink.

To many haters, it's obvious Barack Obama isn't an American. As the Council of Conservative Citizens credo succinctly states, America is a country for persons of European descent. That Barack Obama might have been born in Hawaii - a fringe state at best - matters not at all. He has more than a drop of black blood in him, so he is not an American, just as Latinos, Asians, and other persons of color are not Americans. Conversely, German Neo-Nazi skinheads, IRA terrorists on the lam from Scotland Yard, and Russian mobsters are all American as apple pie. Legal status has nothing to do with it.

The birth certificate thing is just splitting hairs. It's just liberals and pinkos and subhumans whining about technicalities when the truth is obvious for all to see.

Whether that non-white, non-American Barack Obama was born in the United States is a separate matter. Many non-Americans are born in the US, creating all sorts of problems for real Americans who wish there weren't so many stupid laws that made lazy subhumans count as citizens and editors of the Harvard Law Review. Of course, any real American won't believe a word any of these immigrants and such say regardless of whatever proof they might dish up, unless some liberal or pinko resorts to some sort of evil government mumbo jumbo. The Stephanopoulous incident with Bachmann is a perfect example. Stephanopoulous waived some piece of paper in front of Bachmann as though a piece of paper could make someone an American. Bachmann issued a conditional admission that the President was born in America, and the liberals and pinkos acted as though that was somehow important.

So, Trump and all the Birthers scream that the President hasn't produced a birth certificate, even though numerous sources have shown it repeatedly. As ridiculous and shameful as it might be, these legions of subintellectuals with limited genetic donorship are demanding that the President of the United State personally show each and every one of them his birth certificate so they each can be convinced - or not -in turn whether he was born in the United States.

Of course, as Reince Prebus knows, that still won't make him an American. Birthers know that the only 2008 Presidential candidate who was a real American was John McCain, and he didn't have to be born in any of these fifty United States to be one.

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