Saturday, April 2, 2011

If Republicans Want to Cut Spending, They Should Just Stop Taking the Money

In spite of the Democrats accepting an outrageous $33 billion in cuts to vital federal services that will scourge children, the elderly, the environment, women and the poor while handing dumptrucks full of cash to greedy plutocrats, House Republicans continue to preen and strut while threatening to shut down the government. Unless they get the additional $30 billion in cuts that would completely cripple the government into collapse, the Republicans won't let America continue to exist.

House Leader John Boehner, who insists on pronouncing his name as though it were spelled b-a-y-n-e-r, continues to rally his caucus with taunts that a government shutdown would cost more than the cuts might save. Incredibly, Republicans claim that Democrats would be the cause of the shutdown for not accepting the Republicans' continuously growing list of outrageous demands. Republicans, ever on the lookout for TV exposure in their media circus, even floated a completely spurious bill that declares their budget proposal is the law of the land because no other deal could be reached. This is, of course, completely outside the Constitutional framework, which specifically states no bill can proceed toward becoming law until both the House and the Senate pass it.

The Republicans are only interested in grandstand displays and ruling by fiat. The only laws they understand are the laws of plutocracy.  They have no interest in serious negotiations or fiscal responsibility, and only care about funnelling ever larger sums to their wealthy corporate masters. Their ideas of governing are entirely dictatorial.

In fact, it is the Republicans' "Red" states that are draining the national coffers. Their states have always been wretched cesspits of penniless, uneducated white separatists and evangelical supremacists homeschooled on hate and misinterpretations of the Bible. With tax codes geared to coddle noveau riche oil moguls and strip miners, the Red States have been deserts barren of revenue for the common good, while their multitudes of self-righteous, uber-entitled white racists demand and receive an ever burgeoning mountain of federal handouts, pork, and earmark endowments.

Red States exist solely on the largess of the Democratically administered Blue States, where industry, innovation and economic growth are concentrated. The Blue States of the northeastern United States and along the West Coast send more federal tax dollars to Washington than they get back, while the Red States continually take more federal tax dollars from Washington than they raise. The brutal truth is that the Blue States carry the Red States, who, like lazy oafs parked on a successful relations' couch, refuse to leave, and make ever greater and more outrageous demands.

If Republicans really wanted to balance the Budget and eliminate debt, all they really have to do is to stop taking federal money. If Red State masses don't want to pay taxes, they should keep their pitiful pittance, but they should stop taking money away from their Blue State sponsors.

For every dollar of federal taxes Blue State California takes in and sends to Washington, it gets back just 78 cents from the federal government. The rest goes to prop up the Red States. For every dollar Red State Alabama raises, it receives $1.66 from the federal government.

For every dollar Blue State New York raises, it gets 79 cents from the federal government. For every dollar Red State Mississippi raises, it gets $2.02 from the federal government.

For every dollar Blue State Massachusetts raises, it gets 82 cents from the federal government. For every dollar Red State Alaska raises, it gets $1.84 from the federal government.

For every dollar Blue State Illinois raises, it gets 75 cents from the federal government.  For every dollar Red State Louisiana raises, it gets $1.78 from the federal government.

Blue States Connecticut 69 cents, Delaware 77 cents, New Jersey 61 cents. Red States Arkansas $1.41, Kentucky $1.51, New Mexico $2.03.

Among the Red States, only Texas is a significant contributor to the federal coffers. For every dollar they raise in federal taxes, they get back 94 cents. California would take that deal any day of the week.

If Republican pols really wanted to cut federal spending, all they need to do is stop taking federal largess. Instead of cutting off funding to the Environmental Protection Agency, cut off funding to North Dakota ($1.68).  Instead of cutting off funding for financial oversight and regulation, cut off funding to South Dakota ($1.53).

The Blue States could fund education, single-payer health care, environmental stewardship, high-speed rail, and give every man, woman and child a vacation in Disneyland if they didn't have to carry the money pits of Idaho, Utah, Montana and all the other bastions of racist hate and religious extremism.

The Republican pols' have the arrogance to dictate how the Blue States should spend wealth the Blue States created. Just as Republicans are incapable of administering a modern civilization, they have always been incapable of creating wealth, so they have always just stolen it from others. Their plutocrats grew rich from avarice and larceny, and their ignorant racist masses have always brutalized non-whites' to enrich their wealthy overlords. Theirs' is the culture of easy money through pillage and plunder.

If the Blue States didn't have to carry the parasitic Red States, they could enjoy unlimited surpluses, provide for their peoples' education, welfare, health care, and retirement.  If the Blue States didn't have to carry the Red State leeches, they could restore the environment, clean the air and the waters, and lead the world into a bright future of progress and universal growth.

The Blue States should kick the Red States off the sofa and make them pay their own way. But, the Blue States are too kind and soft-hearted, in the way of all progressives and liberals. That is what the Red States have always counted on. They know they can scream at their Blue hosts to quit spending so much on Dad's car repairs and on mending Mom's worn clothes and on Juniors' school supplies and Sis' bus fare, and demand money to fly first class to the Annual Country Music Hoedown and White Supremacists' Lynching Jamboree in Vegas.

The Blue States aren't broke. They just need to dump the Red State money pits.

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