Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teen Torture Camps Reveal Depth of GOP, Right-Wing Depravity

In 2032, a woman will lay dying of cervical cancer because her parents, devout Republicans inspired by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), forbade her from receiving the human papillomavirus vaccine.

That the woman, considering Republican ascendancy in America, probably won't have health insurance, was conjecture. That the woman, considering Republican ascendancy in America, probably won't have access to any sort of health care at all, was also conjecture.

That she will die because Michele Bachmann was an shameless self-promoter who so lusted for limelight and cheering crowds that she unconscionably, mindlessly pandered to the reprehensible aspirations of a Luddite anti-vaccine crowd was both an immutable fact and an unimpeachable damnation.

Michele Bachmann was not the only sociopath spewing devastation without the least consideration for the carnage she wrought. She was just one sociopath in a tidal surge of sociopaths called the Republican Party.

The Republicans were an army, a horde, a pestilential swarm of sociopaths. Before a national television audience, Republicans cheered for the extermination of Americans who couldn't buy retail health insurance. During last week's CNN/Tea Party Republican presidential debates, even Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) hesitated to condemn the uninsured to misery and death outside the locked doors of a hospital emergency room , but when moderator Wolf Blitzer asked what should happen to someone who couldn't pay for needed medical intensive care, hundreds of Republican Tea Party zealots in the audience cheered that society should "just let him die."

That Republicans would condemn millions to death and misery was already known from Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) Tea Party scheme to dismantle Medicare, hand all its money to GOP insurance industry cronies, and pawn off future seniors with worthless discount coupons the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office found wouldn't cover a third of seniors' health care costs.

That Michele Bachmann would casually kill countless women to score political points with an extremist anti-vaccine sect was not in the least surprising.

The Republican breed was so abhorrent, so utterly depraved, so thoroughly corrupted they routinely and casually discarded and abused even their own children. The Republican breed routinely condemned their own sons and daughters to unspeakable abuse and torture in barbaric concentration camps, Mother Jones reported.

What chance did anyone stand against a breed that remorselessly brutalized their own offspring?

Throughout the South and the Mountain West, Republicans have discarded thousands upon thousands of so-called "troubled" teens in countless torture camps. To perpetrate their depravity, Republicans have systematically proscribed any oversight or regulation of these torture camps under the guise of religious freedom. Missouri's Republican state legislature, which last April infamously outlawed Sharia law in a brazen outpouring of Muslim-bashing, has repeatedly scuttled oversight of its teen torture camps citing obeisance to Christian faith-based institutions. Montana's Republican legislature also recently defeated legislation to regulate their Christian torture camps.

Republican state Representative Christy Clark dismissed those testifying about abuse at Montana's torture camps as unreliable witnesses who "struggle with truthfulness," a condition Clark was undoubtedly intimately familiar with.

Throughout their fief, Republicans proscribed law enforcement and child welfare services even tallying the number and location of these torture centers, let alone inspecting or regulating them.

This was what Republicans called eliminating overbearing government regulation.

Shielded from the law, sadistic overseers subjected their helpless victims to beatings, isolation, and deprivation tortures. At New Beginnings' torture camp in Missouri, victims were locked in isolation cells, given only two bathroom breaks a day when they could only use two squares of toilet paper, monitored while bathing and using the toilet, and forced into endless calisthenics. Infractions such as making eye contact with other inmates and eating too little resulted in punishments.

Forbidden from contacting their parents, desperate inmates attempted smuggling distress pleas to the recipients of Bibles they were forced to distribute. More punishments ensued.

New Beginnings operated countless camps under various names in Florida, Mississippi and Texas as well as Missouri.

The Christian torture camps have been brutalizing children for years. In isolated compounds, inmates have been beaten while covered with blankets, forced to scour kitchen pots with undiluted bleach, bludgeoned with paddles, whipped with belts, and forced to drink copious quantities of water and forbidden to use the toilet.

The handful of mortified parents who fought to rescue their kids from torture centers and the handful of courageous survivors strong enough to break their conditioning and speak out were the only breaches in the wall of secrecy Republicans and evangelical supremacists operated behind.

A people who subjected their own children to torture and abuse was certain to have no scruples about torturing and abusing foreign combatants.

A breed that abandoned their own children to torture and abuse was certain to dismantle Medicare, eliminate Social Security and abandon a nation's poor and elderly to misery and death.

A coven that tortured and abused children they supposedly loved was certain to inflict any horror upon gays, persons of color, and followers of different faiths they openly hated.

The Inquisition, the Nazis, and the Stalinist Soviets bore no more depraved roots, committed no more horrific preludes, or perpetrated no more terrible precursors than this Republican breed. Where, then, would history eventually find this sect?

For the children abandoned to Christian faith-based torture camps, and a yet unnamed woman dying of cervical cancer in 2032, the horrors have already begun.

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