Saturday, September 3, 2011

Obama Betrayal Train Smashes Environment En Route To Axing Medicare, Social Security

The rate and breadth of President Barack Obama's betrayals accelerated to breakneck speed in an apparent bid to utterly destroy the Democratic brand and ingratiate himself with Republicans and plutocrats. Neither the GOP nor the ultra-wealthy were impressed, but Obama did succeed in discouraging Democratic supporters from coming out in 2012.

The Obama Administration barrelled ahead with plans to rubber-stamp the Keystone XL pipeline slated to transport raw Canadian tar sands oil to the Gulf of Mexico, so the toxic sludge could destroy the Ogallala Aquifer en route to turning colossal profits for oil moguls shipping the refined end product to overseas markets. Oil moguls cheered.

Then, the Obama Administration Friday declared it was suspending implementation of new ozone regulations, as stunned environmental activists reeled dumbfounded in slack-jawed astonishment. Oil moguls and coal magnates cheered.

Those betrayals, atop Obama's heinous laundry list of previous capitulations, paled in comparison to the Betrayer-in-Chief's schemes to gut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Obama planned to announce his greatest perfidy in the weeks following his grandstand Aug. 8 jobs speech.

Despite bipartisan opposition by activists, movie stars, Nebraska farmers and even a Republican governor, the Obama Administration moved relentlessly toward approving the Keystone XL pipeline scam. Obama and the oil moguls conspired to obliterate Canada's priceless Boreal forests, gouge uber-polluting tar sands from the lunarized landscape, and pipe toxic "dilbit" across six states to Port Arthur, TX refineries, where it can be processed for overseas markets.

More than 1,000 demonstrators protesting the pipeline boondoggle have been arrested as they gathered across the street from the White House over the past two weeks. Those arrested included actress Darryl Hannah, Maryland state senator Paul Pinsky, and the director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, James Hanson, the Riverdale Park-University Park Patch reported.

Obama followed up coddling oil moguls and busting green activists with more coddling of oil moguls and coal magnates, while shunning the green activists who had naively helped put him into the Oval Office. Environmentalists rocked by Keystone XL reeled when Obama Friday ditched new air pollution rules designed to cut smog-forming pollutants.

Instead of cutting atmospheric ozone from 75 parts per billion to 60 parts per billion, Obama deemed what was good enough for George W. Bush, who had set the old standard, was good enough for America.

In his Republicanesque pro-pollution statement, Obama wheezed, "I have continued to underscore the importance of reducing regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty, particularly as our economy continues to recover."

Obama's recovering economy added exactly no jobs in August, tumbling equity markets around the globe.

If Obama wanted to create certainty for employers, he could simply announce any money corporations weren't spending to hire Americans and to invest in American plants and equipment would be taxed to within an inch of its bottom line. Then, his administration could launch an aggressive stimulus plan to rebuild the nation's $2 trillion worth of crumbling infrastructure, create a high-speed rail network, link the nation with broadband, and support advanced research to develop future technologies.

Instead, Obama's free pass to polluters only promised to create $100 billion worth of additional respiratory ailments annually, while handing polluters $90 billion worth of pollution abatement passes, according to The Hill.

But, all of this miserable perfidy was nothing compared to Obama's defacto plan to destroy the Democratic Party and hand Republicans in 2012 unfettered control of the White House and the Senate on top of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court.

No sooner than Obama had coddled his air polluters, the White House Friday announced the Republicanizer-in-Chief would follow up his jobs speech with the launch of his Medicare-busting, Medicaid-gutting, Social Security-slashing deficit-reduction ploy, reported the Politico.

Obama's scheme to gut the nation's safety net entitlements promised to re-introduce means testing for Social Security, reducing benefits for the wealthy, so lobbyists and lawyers for the rich could get started on labelling FDR's landmark old-age pension plan as an unsupportable giveaway to worthless, shiftless poor who hadn't had the foresight to be born into the monied elite; to re-introduce incrementally rising age eligibility for Medicare, so the rich could taunt and gloat while millions went broke and died scrambling to bridge the gap between employer-sponsored health coverage and the entitlement to which they were rightfully entitled; and to refloat reducing Medicaid to block grants so industrial medical combines could abscond with the funds while abandoning millions to misery, pain and death.

Obama had been horny to plunder the Big Three entitlements during the recent Republican hostage-taking of the nation's debt ceiling, but Republicans balked at his $4 trillion deficit reduction vision. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) ostensibly backed away from Obama's grand vision because a few piddling tax tweaks were unacceptable to Republican sensibilities. In hindsight, Boehner, a seasoned Capitol Hill insider, might simply have had second thoughts about strapping himself to the Third Rail of Politics and waiting for the Express while a couple trillion volts fried his mortal carcass.

Without having to haul such timid baggage as Boehner with him, Obama could plunge ahead unfettered, and claim his biggest scalp, the Democratic Party itself.

Democrats commanded the high ground by doggedly defending Medicare against Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) unconscionable plan to hand all its money to insurance industry cronies while pawning off future seniors with worthless coupons. Democrats commanded the high ground by doggedly defending Social Security against reprehensible GOP plans to hand all its money to Wall Street cronies while abandoning future seniors to poverty and destitution. Democrats commanded the high ground by doggedly defending Medicaid against incessant Republican schemes to hand all its money to medical industry cronies while forsaking the poor and disabled.

Democrats commanded high ground no Republican could assail. Democrats commanded high ground vulnerable only to unprecedented perfidy and treachery: the perfidy and treachery of a single mortal conglomeration of tissue and blood and bile who had, for the sake of shameless self-aggrandizement, betrayed the grandmother who had loved and nurtured him in her small apartment; betrayed the prominent pastor who had taken him in and raised him high in the community from which he launched his political ambitions; betrayed the seasoned political veteran who had mentored and guided the rising junior Senator from Illinois; betrayed countless aides, advisers, and appointees who had daily toiled to serve a young President and a great nation; betrayed the voters, supporters, organizers, and pavement-pounding canvassers who had risen to heed the call for hope and change.

Betrayed the very soil, and water, and air of a nation and a planet.

The perfidy and treachery of Barack Obama, who, with a single speech in late September 2011, would surrender the high ground Democrats defended for seventy years, and open wide the gates for yet another Republican populist from Texas.

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