Monday, September 26, 2011

Obama Hopes Extremist Republicans Not Reflective of America

Addressing supporters at a California fund-raising event Sunday, President Barack Obama hoped Republicans who cheered for the deaths of uninsured Americans and denied climate change science weren't representative of America.

"I mean, has anybody been watching the debates lately?" Obama asked the San Jose, CA crowd. "You've got audiences cheering at the prospect of somebody dying because they don't have health care. And booing a service member in Iraq because they're gay."

"You've got a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change," Obama said. The President offered, "That's not reflective of who we are."

It was, however, exactly who Republicans were.

The Republican breed, drunk with hostage-taking victories, have boldly revealed their true natures. At the recent CNN/Tea Party presidential grandstanding show, the audience cheered when moderator Wolf Blitzer asked Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) whether society should abandon the uninsured and "just let them die."

Flexing their gay-bashing muscles, the audience booed gay service members in Iraq.

"Sadly, the audiences seem representative of what the Republican Party has devolved into," West Virginia State Delegate Nancy Guthrie (D) said of the GOP debate audiences, "and it reflects a very low point in our democracy."

"The audiences don't just appear this way, they are more and more becoming this way," North Dakota State Senator Tim Mathern (D) told the Politico.

Iowa State Rep. Josh Byrnes (R) said of the debate crowds,"These are overblown and not representative of mainstream Republicans." He was probably right, as the debate audiences were likely made up of the most civil, well-behaved Republicans. They weren't even carrying firearms.

In the Republican Party, extremism was the new mainstream. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) remained unapologetic about his disgraced scheme to dismantle Medicare, hand all its money to insurance industry cronies, and pawn off future seniors with worthless discount coupons the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office found wouldn't cover a third of seniors' health care costs.

"So here's the problem: if you don't address these issues now, they're going to steamroll us as a country," Ryan pontificated on CNN. "And the issue the more you delay fixing these problems, the uglier the solutions are going to be."

Which, of course, was why it was imperative that the nation stop coddling its millionaires and billionaires and start taxing them. Poll after poll revealed nearly seven in ten Americans agreed this was the case, but the other three were Republicans who'd hijacked the government, taken the American people hostage, and regularly ranted about Jesus.

Republicans have rejected making the rich pay taxes, and have obstructed every effort to reform revenue. Instead, they increasingly threatened the nation with increasingly ugly "solutions." Clearly, at some point, they'll eventually get to a Final one.

Typical Republicans not only cheered the prospect of locking the sick and injured out of hospitals if they weren't wealthy enough to pay, they routinely roamed southwestern deserts in pickup trucks hoping to shoot Hispanics, and regularly spouted Bible verses while denying climate change and evolution under the guise of religious freedom.

"I'm shocked that the political debate in the U.S. is so far away from the scientific facts," European Union climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard told the Copenhagen Post. "And, when you hear American presidential candidates denying climate change, it's difficult to take."

GOP Presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry regularly slammed climate change science while shilling for the oil companies, and rival Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) believed sustainability was a United Nations plot to destroy America by forcing white people to take public transit and live among blacks in inner cities.

These were the Republicans winning the laurel wreaths and bathing in the cheers of adoring sycophants. These were the Republican valedictorians.

Rank and file Republicans were toting firearms and feverishly reciting Bible verses after generations of being home-schooled on hate and twisted misconceptions about Christ. Rank and file Republicans were routinely sending their own kids to Christian torture camps to be beaten into accepting right-wing orthodoxy.

Republicans have resurrected the medieval social order of an omnipotent ruling class wielding an impoverished and propaganda-indoctrinated peasantry to plunder at will. Republicans have resurrected the medieval social order of divinely-anointed warlords reigning over bloodthirsty mobs eager to murder and pillage everyone around them.

There was no hope a Republican breed that tortured their own children for the sake of ideological orthodoxy could be made to accept that torturing foreigners and persons of color was wrong. There was no hope a Republican breed that dismissed science as heresy would ever accept climate change, evolution, or the common ancestry of all humans.

The Republican breed rejected evolution to preserve a supernatural basis for white supremacy. The Republican ruling class manipulated that rejection into a rejection of all science to bolster a climate-destroying fossil fuel industry. The Republican breed rejected civil rights as an assault on white supremacy. The Republican ruling class exploited that hate in a campaign against governance so the wealthy could evade taxes.

Obama hoped they were not reflective of the majority of Americans. After all, there was no hope they would change.

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