Friday, March 4, 2011

Ruining America is Republican Priority

Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's union-bashing blitz has earned him the disapproval of 57% of the people of his state, according to a new poll released by Rasmussen.  Significantly, Rasmussen is the GOP's virtual in-house polling organ, which spun the poll result as '43% approve of Walker.' Republicans hope that thirty years of eroding the nation's public schools and all those abysmal math and science test scores means people won't know 43% is less than half.

Funny how ignorance and hate work out well for the GOP. 

And that, of course, is at the core of the Republican plan to ruin America.  Their plutocrats just want to steal all the money, mostly using accounting tricks, while their racist thugs just want to kill and enslave all the people of color. The Republicans can accomplish neither if people remain informed and aren't forced to fight among themselves over the few scraps of civilization the Republicans toss their way. Therefore, for Republicans, it is critical to dismantle public education, which socializes as well as educates. It is much easier to defraud with accounting tricks if people can't add or subtract.  Republicans know they must destroy any media (PBS) they cannot co-opt. It is much easier to disenfranchise people who are uninformed. Republicans know they must continue to carve up the government's ability to provide vital services and to assure the public's safety, as an orderly society is less inclined to surrender its freedom. Chaos is the Republicans' ally.  If they can distract and misinform and confuse the public, they can achieve their goal of destroying the nation. 

Then, the GOP plutocrats can enjoy the rampaging capitalism of Russian gangster oligarchs and Chinese autocrats.

The battles over collective bargaining in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio are crucial campaigns for the Republicans, but in the chronology of war, those battles are more akin to the final assault on Berlin at the end of World War II than the rolling of German tanks over the Polish frontier at the beginning of World War II.  The Republicans have already dismantled private sector unions and off-shored most organizable jobs.  This is why Republicans are able to point to the unionized state workers and say, 'those undeserving scum are getting all sorts of benefits you aren't!' People buy into the divisive hate, never considering that they too should be getting the same benefits, and that it's Republican plutocrats who are denying them those benefits.

And yet, recent polling has begun to show cracks in support for the Republicans' final assault on America. People seem to have begun to realize there's something fishy about the Republicans. They promised jobs, but they're doing away with jobs. They promised fiscal responsibility, but they continue to expand tax subsidies for their wealthy cronies while the nation's debts pile ever higher. And, people may have begun to realise that further cuts to vital services that have already been cut to the bone might have messy results.

The Republicans never cared about the American people, and now their attack on America is so far along they no longer need to fool anybody. Every sneak attack loses the element of surprise at some point, usually when the bombs start falling. Their sneak attack on America has caught people napping for thirty years. As sneak attacks go, thirty years without your enemy catching on is pretty good.

So, polls notwithstanding, Walker careens ahead with his plan to strip state workers of their collective bargaining rights, as well as giving away the state's power plants to his Republican masters, the Koch brothers. Aside from plunging his state into debt with billions in tax subsidies to wealthy GOP cronies, Walker flexed his Khadafy muscles by denying emergency responders access to the state capitol building when some people got stuck in an elevator, and by having his goon squad batter a Democratic lawmaker to the ground as he tried to go to his office.  To the GOP's undoubted chagrin, no one died from blocking the emergency responders, and the goons failed to provoke a resisting arrest charge.

As Republicans in state houses across the nation strip away the final vestiges of organized labor and plan the mass surrender of state properties to Republican plutocrats, and Republicans in Washington take the federal government hostage, offering a choice of government shut down completely or crippled into ineffectiveness, the GOP is feeling they are nearing the top of the hill in their final battle to destroy the country they most hate.  They feel that soon, very soon, all those hated institutions of democracy and good governance will be forever vanquished, ghosts of a distant past that will not trouble them again.

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