Saturday, March 26, 2011

Republican Push to Destroy America Goes On Straight Through Lunch

The Republican politicos’ hatred of America is so virulent, their disdain for the nation so unrelenting, their contempt of country so utterly complete that they couldn’t choke down their lunches unless they could assure themselves that the very act of eating was helping to destroy the land.
Since the Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives, they have reversed former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s "Green the Capitol" initiative and replaced the compostable cups and utensils in the Congressional cafeteria with non-recyclable plastics.
Republicans gleefully replaced the eco-friendly dining ware with polystyrene cups, plates, and containers so they could more fully attack the environment even while they were at lunch. Aside from styrene being a possible carcinogen, manufacturing polystyrene, also called Styrofoam, is a major source of hazardous waste.  The stuff overflows landfills, never biodegrades, and eventually breaks up into smaller and smaller plastic bits that enter the food chain and remain in the environment forever.
Republicans have fought to cripple the Environmental Protection Agency, subvert clean air and water rules, and reverse restrictions of dirty-energy coal plants. Apparently, pleasing their plutocrat masters with these efforts wasn’t enough for them.  They felt compelled to defile and destroy even during the few lunch breaks when they weren’t out being wined and dined by their big-money corporate overlords.
In yet another example of how deeply they despise America, the Republicans have revealed that there is no action against the people and resources of the country that is so small that they would overlook it. It is no surprise they would extend gratuitous tax subsidies to their cronies among the oil moguls, and that they would suspend any oversight of belching coal plants.  It is no surprise they would promote the despoiling of ground water through fracking for natural gas.  But, the fastidious attention to even this tiniest detail – how to increase the waste and pollution coming out of the Capitol’s cafeteria - reveals an obsessive hatred and spite for the US unmatched by any antagonist in the history of conflict.
Attila the Hun slaughtered his enemies, burned their homes and villages, stole their horses and raped and enslaved their women and children. Republicans would do all that to America, and shovel garbage on top of the ruins as well.
Republicans, having gutted American business and industry with mergers, acquisitions, layoffs, and off-shoring, having emptied pension funds and broken unions, having dumped toxic wastes and greenhouse gases, now scheme to plunder Social Security and Medicare, Americans’ final safety nets.
Even still, Republicans aren’t satisfied unless they can bury everyone under piles of garbage as well. Republicans look at the miserable favelas of Rio de Janeiro, the wretched slums of Calcutta, the squalor and filth of countless Third World cardboard-and-rusting-corrugated-tin ghettos rising from steaming heaps of fetid garbage and sigh, “That’s how Americans should live.”
Of course, that is how they would feel. Then, they would be assured that they had squeezed every penny from the nation, and had handed it to their plutocrat masters.

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