Sunday, March 27, 2011

GOP Politicians Tell Iowa Social Conservatives "I Love You" ...Again

The Republican Party exists to serve trans-national plutocrats who want to break unions and drain their pension funds, to belch toxic wastes into wind and water without EPA hindrance, to pile pyramids of funny money in arcane accounting scams that can topple the world's finances, to plunder Social Security and wipe out health care for anyone who can't pay cash on the barrel head. To do this, every election cycle they have to hoodwink millions of ignorant social conservatives into voting for them in droves.

As the 2012 election cycle gears up, Republican Presidential hopefuls and party shills descend on Iowa, home of the caucuses that launch the campaign season, to dazzle the religious family values voters.
For generations, the so-called social conservatives - the rural, exurban, Evangelical Christian legions home-schooled on hate and misinterpretations of the King James Bible - have been promised that this time, this very time, once elected, the Republican Party would move forward like the avenging army of righteous Christian Crusaders they all are to wipe out homosexuals, eliminate womens' right to chose, and subjugate people of color beneath the ethically and ethnically pure Evangelical Christian boot. The Republican Party would reverse the lie of global climate change because God-fearing people know He wouldn't allow such a thing to happen, not just because GOP oil moguls want unlimited tax-subsidized profits. The Republican Party would bomb Muslims out of existence because they worship the wrong god, not just because the GOP arranged a no-bid contract shovelling billions of taxpayer dollars into Halliburton Corporation. The Republican Party would exterminate homosexuals, because they are a Biblical abomination, not just because the LGBTG community votes overwhelmingly Democrat.  The Republican Party would wipe out unions, because they prey on patriotic free-market capitalists like you, with your 1986 Ford pickup, a set of Sears Craftsman tools, and a state contractors' license, and me, with my multi-national corporation, my multi-billion dollar portfolio, my houses in Texas, Shanghai, London, Milan and Singapore, my private jets, my lobbyists, and my sixty-seven law firms in sixteen countries on permanent retainer. Every election cycle, the Republican Party says that this time, the vital concerns plaguing the social conservatives would be the top order of business.

And, every election cycle, once the votes are in and the plutocrats have gotten their candidates in office, the social conservatives' agenda is ignored and the social conservatives themselves are locked in the basement until the next election cycle.

Oh, to be sure, Republicans pols go after the LGBTG community, immigrants and womens' choice, but they mostly concentrate on defunding services to those and every other community to assure the rich keep getting their tax subsidies.

One would think that the social conservatives would eventually get a clue that these slick snake oil salesmen for the ultra-rich, decked out in their Armani suits, wouldn't have anything to do with the rural religious minions once the voting's over. But they never get a clue. They never even buy a vowel.
Every election cycle, the social conservatives earnestly believe that this time, with God's grace behind them, the Republicans they elect will act for them, and not for the plutocrats whose lobbyists and 501 PACs pour hundreds of millions dollars into the GOP politicos' junkets, foundations, and future employment.

So the social conservatives cheer for Michele Bachmann when she gushes, "There's no place like Iowa!" and promises to pursue the social conservative agenda. The social conservatives grow giddy fawning over Mike Huckabee and Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul descending for a photo-op.

It is all very sad, like watching the nice fat girl with bad skin go all mushy when the captain of the football team strolls over to talk to her. She thinks he really likes her, but he just wants to get her do his math homework. As soon as its done, there's a leggy cheerleader driving off with him in a convertible, but you know she'll do his homework for him every time, and she'll go home and lie in bed day-dreaming about her "relationship" with him.

Except, of course, that her homework enables him to plunder Social Security, slime the entire Gulf coast with oil sludge, destroy groundwater with toxic hydrofracking, crash the global financial system, layoff and offshore millions of jobs, break unions and strangle American democracy.

Perhaps the social conservatives, whose goals are mean, and spiteful, and racist, and filled with hate and loathing cloaked in a thin mantle of religious righteousness, see in the big-money plutocrats a kindred spirit of arrogant self-interest.

If only they could put aside their racist hate and their homophobia and their twisted theology, they could see that they are, relatively speaking, poor, and ordinary, and trodden under the plutocrats' boots like 80% of everybody else in America. They'd be better off voting for Democrats, but they just can't stop believing in lies and hate.

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