Thursday, February 17, 2011

Republicans Poised to Dismantle America

Doesn't anybody get it?  Republicans are a coalition of wealthy trans-national plutocrats and poor social conservatives including Neo-Confederates, white separatists and evangelical supremacists whose de facto goal is to dismantle the United States. For thirty years, they have degraded the nation through revenue strangulation, and are now poised to make their final push. They are giving the country a choice between shutting down the government completely, or fatally crippling it with draconian defunding of vital services.

The notion that they are concerned with deficit reduction is completely specious. Attacking a portion of the federal budget that represents a mere 12% of federal spending while ignoring lavish outlays to defense contractors and refusing to consider revenue is not effective deficit reduction, but it is a very effective way to destroy the mechanisms of government.

And destroying the government is the avowed goal of Neo-Confederates and white separatists.  Meanwhile, the plutocrats who fund the Republican bash covet the sort of wild west capitalism they see their cronies in China and Russia enjoying.

The plutocrats intentionally create these deficits to fatten their bottom lines. For example,Wisconsin, where state workers' benefits are under fire, presently enjoys a budget surplus, but their new Republican governor, in office for six weeks, has created a projected state budget deficit by giving gratuitous tax breaks to international corporations doing business in the state.

Ground level social conservatives are only interested in eliminating governement services because they want to withhold those services from people of color who they hate.

Appeasement is impossible, because the plutocrats demand tax subsidies followed by deregulation followed by immunity ad infinitum.  The social conservatives demand separation of races, followed by elevation of whites over other races, followed by explusion of other races, followed by the restoration of some hazy utopian vision of an antebellum South.

Regardless of whatever the Republicans vision of the future might include, their de facto goal is to destroy Social Security (which is solvent and would remain so for 50 years), Medicare, eliminate all oversight of business and industry, and plunge the nation into a dark age of ignorance and racist and religious persecution.

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