Friday, February 25, 2011

GOP Launches Full Court Press Against America

With Legacy Dictator Moammar Khadafy providing a helpful excuse, the oil moguls of the Republican Party have accelerated their $5 gas attack on the American people.  The attack began two months ago, before Mideast turmoil gave the oil barons welcomed cover.  The culprit du jour is supposedly Libya, despite the fact that Libya produces less than 2% of the world's oil, not a drop of which reaches the U.S. The GOP plutocrats and their minions launched this attack to destroy America's nascent economic recovery. The GOP's ultimate goal is not to create jobs or balance budgets. Their goal is to destroy the institutions and government of the United States of America.

The $5 gas attack is part of the GOP's multi-pronged assault on America's people and institutions.  On Capitol Hill, the Republicans are forcing a budget battle choice between a total government shutdown or a government so utterly crippled by gratuitous budget cuts that it cannot function. In state houses across the nation, Republicans are slashing workers' collective bargaining rights with the goal of bringing down the unions and proscribing people's ability to organize against the Republican plutocrats at all.  And, in every household in America, the Republican oil moguls are gouging consumers to both fatten their coffers and destroy any fledgling economic recovery.

The Republicans are in a state of rebellion against the government and people of the United States. As Paul Krugman pointed out in his column, America today most resembles Iraq in the aftermath of Bush's invasion, when Paul Bremmer and the Coalition Provisional Authority focused on privatizing that nation's institutions instead of trying to restore order and functionality to the country.

The CPA's focus then was a mass giveaway to corporations and cronies, just as the GOP's focus today is to dismantle America's institutions toward the same end.

The situation brings to mind the evolution of the uber-capitalist plutocracies that today run Russia and China. When Communism fell in Russia, American plutocrats welcomed the rise of gangster oligarchs who took over Russia's "means of production."  When China opened up its economy, America welcomed the rise of their plutocrats while ignoring the human rights of a billion Chinese.

The GOP is a coalition of plutocrats, who covet the wild west brand of naked capitalism they see in China and Russia, and racist white separatists and Neo-Confederates who wish to destroy the United States and impose a white-dominated religious state.

The Republicans are in fact implementing regime change.  The current regime is a democracy.  The GOP's goal is a plutocracy.  Thirty years of gradually eroding America's social and governmental institutions in favor of unbridled plutocracy has brought the GOP within sight of their goal.

Those who oppose the Republicans are focused on individual battles for this unions' right to organize or that budget item's vital role in Americans' lives.  It is vital that people recognize the Republicans' full court press as an all-out attack on all of America's institutions simultaneously.  The GOP goal is not budget reform.  The GOP goal is to destroy the government and institutions of the United States and to bring about a new order where plutocrats reign and human rights are abolished. 

The primary weapon against the GOP would be effective tax reform, which would restore services, schools, innovation and infrastructure to functionality while gutting the plutocrats ability to buy influence and foment rebellion.

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