Sunday, February 27, 2011

Republican Attack on America Abetted By Democrat Collaborators

The Republicans are poised for their final push to destroy America.  The Republican agenda seeks to dismantle all government oversight of business and industry and plague the world with toxic pollutants and useless, dangerous products; to hand over government buildings and infrastruture to GOP plutocrats like the Koch brothers; to plunder Social Security and Medicare for private gain; to strip workers of their right to organize and redress grievances; to wreck any chance of economic recovery by slashing the nation's investments and unleashing a $5 gas attack.

Every step of the way, the Republican plutocrats and their white supremacist minions have had insidious help among the Democrats.  It is not just that Democratic politicians also sought to curry favor with the GOP's plutocrat masters.  It is not just that President Barack Obama styled himself a progressive when he was in fact a tool of corporate plutocracy.  It is that Americans abdicated their role as informed, engaged participants in the democratic process and allowed a fringe of Tea Party extremists, racist sociopaths and plutocrats with visions of godhood to hijack the democratic process.

Take Barack Obama. Remember when Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the shoo-in for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008? Then, a blitz by corporate media raised Obama, out of nowhere, to frontrunner status. The corporate media gave some weak excuse about Obama's grassroots organization, but in fact it was the unrelenting drumbeat on the newsnets that kept Obama atop the 24-hour news cycle and foremost in the minds of Americans. Then, progressive white Americans committed the intellectual crime common to all progressive white Americans: they assumed that because Obama was black,  he must also be a progressive.

Yet, it was obvious throughout the campaign that he was solidly to the right of Hillary, who is herself a centrist.  That the corporate newsnets were relentlessly pushing Obama while disappearing Hillary was a clear signal that Obama was their dog in the fight.

So, now, while the Republicans offer Americans the choice between a total government shutdown or a government so crippled it cannot function, Obama and Congressional Democrats only bicker about the size of the cuts and the severity of the crippling, rather than bringing the fight to the plutocrats by addressing vital revenue reform to eliminate the plutocrats' reign of terror. While Republicans destroy the American workforce with layoffs, offshoring, and union-busting, Obama and the Congressional Democrats stand aside offering only muted support for labor ideals.  While Republicans scheme to plunder Social Security and Medicare, Obama and the Democrats mumble about finding bipartisan solutions.  Anyone who believes it is a good idea to hand the Social Security trust funds and Medicare accounts to GOP plutocrats in exchange for worthless IOUs and vouchers simply has rocks in his head.

The Republicans took thirty years to destroy America.  They dismantled the nation's public school system, the cornerstone of democracy, so that, while the wealthy could send their kids to private schools, poor whites would homeschool their children on misinterpretations of the Bible and racist hatred. They crippled the nation's ability to insure safe food and water, to curb unfettered investment and banking frauds, and to forestall industrial environmental disasters. They eviscerated the nation's manufacturing and service economies with gratuitous mergers, layoffs and offshoring.  They did all this by fostering a tax code that enabled them to accumulate unprecedented wealth and power and incentivized profiteering at the expense of the economic security and physical well-being of the American people.

And, every step of the way, Democrats enabled, abetted and ignored the GOP onslaught.

The final Republican push is at hand. Unless the GOP is stopped at any cost, the cost will be your freedom.

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